peHUB Second Opinion 2.9

In Europe its 9.02.10. Ha. (Entertainment Fix)

$140 1BR Affordable Snow Fort Sublet in Capitol Hill: Now available for rent! Includes Wireless internet, doorman with fez, premade snowballs. (Craigslist)

Get It While You Can: The Flotation Window could slam shut on PE. (Telegraph)

Paranoid optimism: PE firms “shouldn’t underestimate the impact on their industry that rising populism and politicians taking whacks at banks and bureaucracies will have.” (NY Times)

Email Forward of the Day: Rice Student Thinks Jefferies Is “More Courteous” Than Its Counterparts And Has “The Best Corporate Culture In Town” (Dealbreaker) And here’s another, more service-y take on the same topic. (Business Insider)

RISKY: The key to LBOs is not a lack of risk (that would not be an LBO by nature) but less of it. (NY Times)

Congrats: To! The blog has been acquired by Morningstar. (Footnoted)

Bruhaha: I wanna hate the kid who scammed TechCrunch, but I kinda hate his interviewer more.  Stop talking about “how you like to do interviews.” Either way, the kid claims he was joking around on instant messenger when he tried to solicit bribes in exchange for a story. (Business Insider)