peHUB Second Opinion 3.23

Wall Street Hates a Level Playing Field: Andrew Ross Sorkin on the ruling. His lead reminds me of George Siguler’s comment that his ideal investment is an “unregulated, life-essential monopoly.” (Dealbook)

Private Equity Comeback: A blogger that goes by Anal_yst responded to our interview yesterday with Phil Canfield of GTCR, particularly on the matter of the pending rush for deals. The PE market is about to look like the SPAC market of 2009. I think Phil and I agreed with the blogger’s sentiment and I may have to elaborate on the point more myself more tomorrow. (Stone Street Advisors)

Heidi N. Moore: To the FDIC, small is beautiful. (Big Money) And Felix Salmon digs deeper into the story. (Reuters)

Doll Deals: In general dolls kind of creep me out, but apparently buyout firm Gefinor is just fine with them! The firm today acquired a division of Middleton Doll through its company Alexander Doll. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinal)

ILPA: The PE guidelines are causing an “outbreak of hives.” (Deal Journal)