PEhub Second Opinion

***Economic doom and gloom fought back cancer, porn, Obama, the Olympics and boobs on bikes to take the title of most popular Reuters news story today, thanks to the comments on one Harvard Economics professor. Kenneth Rogoff says we are not out of the woods yet.
***’s Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites includes one business-related site that’s new to me: PC describes the site describes as “Half social network for investment pros and investors, and half information resource, this site lets users keep a finger on the pulse of the financial world.”

***Dealscape is predicting a new wave of bankruptcies possibly caused by labor union unrest.

***Linen’s N Things will not liquidate—in honor of this news, I encourage all to read The Onion story, “New Linens-N-Shit Opens.”

***See? Its not just Americans that are greedy. Even Sweden has its own Gordon Gekko.