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peHUB Second Opinion 3.11

Back and Forth: Schwarzman says 45% of global wealth is destroyed. Felix Salmon says he is exaggerating, and why.

And: He’s complaining that “the glamour and the upside” that attracts young people to finance is being “compromised” by the “regulatory regime.” Woe as he. (Dealzone)

More CNBC Analysis: This time from Why Is Jim Cramer Shouting At Me? (

And By The Way: Did you know the Ramones wrote a song about Maria Bartiromo? (The afore-linked Salon story includes this fabulous fact, among others. Somehow, the 90s were bad enough to take the band from songs like Teenage Lobotomy to the lyrics “What’s happening on Wall Street, I want to know.” Yuck. We all know bad things happen when you mix finance and rock.

Bonds Beat Stocks: For the first time since Carter. (Bloomberg via Infectious Greed)

Still Hiring: The number one company to find a job in? India. (BusinessWeek)

Following: Alex’s blog about Twitter earlier today, I was interested by the question raised by Marc Cuban: Where Does Tweet Time Come From? (Blog Maverick)

Headline of the Day: European Officials Will Monitor Quality of the Espresso for Their Staffs (NY Times)

Sorry Guys: But mentally, the recession hits men harder than woman. (Reuters)

Fees: Two and Twenty on a fund that invests in … fine violins? That’s almost as crazy as ‘The Guitar Fund.