peHUB Second Opinion 3.19

Goodbye, FlyOnTheWall: The stock rumor site is no longer allowed to post news about analyst reports, a judge ruled. (Reuters)

Lessons in Branding: Nestle, which has come under fire from environmentalists for its use of palm oil, has somewhat bungled its social media strategy by banning angry commenters from its Facebook page. That did nothing but fan the flames. (Ad Age)

Here Comes Financial Reform. The Journal says “Finally.” (WSJ)

Hugo Loss: Permira is willing to risk losing its commitments from Ohio pension funds over closing a Hugo Boss factory in Ohio. (LBOWire)

Heidi Moore: The Big Short Gets the People Right and It Gets the Finance Right. (Slate)

Can Palm Survive? The company received a brutal analyst report alongside yet another downgrade to “sell.” (Reuters)

Job Hunting? Get on LinkedIn. Social media is becoming a requirement for job hunters. (Tampa Tribune)

Video: What does KKR’s upcoming listing mean for private equity?

KKR listing move suggest PE rebound from TheDeal TV on Vimeo.