peHUB Second Opinion 3.2

Now Hiring: The SEC. In New York the agency plans to increase its staff by 8%. (Reuters)

Oliver Stone is Disgusted With Wall Street (the place): Especially anyone who went to work on Wall Street inspired by Bud Fox and Gordon Gekko. Wall Street 2 is another attempt to get the real message of “greed is bad” across. (Dealbreaker)

Lists: Four Thoughts on how to get funded by venture capitalists. (Dividends and Preferences)

Sykes Vs. Shaq: Penny stock guru Tim Sykes is daring Shaq to take him to court (the legal kind, not the basketball kind). The two have been embroiled in a duel over an apparent pump and dump scheme. (Clusterstock)

LOL @WORK? ls there a connection between the lack of laughter in meetings and the limited influence their leaders wield in their organization? Get to improv school stat… (BusinessWeek)

When I say ‘Dance,’ you best DANCE: Another ‘pendulum of power’ story about the LP/GP dynamic. This one is about tapdancing GPs. Only the largest are able to dictate their own terms, a fact that actually surprises me, because it seems everyone forgot mega-firms were in the doghouse for awhile. (Reuters)

BX Upgraded: Stockpickers are recommending Blackstone. (BW)