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peHUB Second Opinion 3.20

Lehman Wants its Knickknacks Back: Sorry Barclays, your eBay dreams are over. (Bloomberg)

That’s What Blogs Are For: Responses to Larry’s post on what makes a good venture return. (A VC)

Recession Humour: Cocktail recipes for the recession, including a Nasdaiquiri and a Bloody Maria Bartiromo. (CNBC)

Oops: Erin Burnett’s Freudian slip on air. (Youtube)

Bail Out The Victims? Joe Nocera doesn’t feel that sorry for the victims of Madoff’s scam and certainly doesn’t think they should be bailed out. (Executive Suite)

More Financial Media Layoffs: This time, at (Dealscape)

Populism: The Working Families party is giving tours to the homes of AIG execs. (Cityfile)

Lists: The people at Entrepreneur magazine give you 10 reasons to start a business now. Some of the reasons are helpful, but call me a pessimist, because I think they’re mostly a there to prove the magazine’s relevance and necessity in the current environment. I am particularly annoyed with reason number seven. The media does not automatically love “aberrations,” or hand out “great PR” that demonstrates an “alternative” view of the market. I’ve said before, that pitch is stale. Besides, I’ve learned the hard way that anyone that claims to be the one entity that’s doing great in this market is lying his face off. (Entrepreneur)

Lists: Ten ideas that are changing the world right now. (Time)