peHUB Second Opinion 3.23

The Company Formerly Known As AIG: Please refer to the business as “AIU Holdings, Ltd” going forward thank you kindly. (Reuters)

Mean Street: What’s more shameful than AIG? Congress. (Deal Journal)

Well then: WaMu has sued the FDIC for $13 billion. (Reuters)

Hot and Cold: The markets like Geithner’s plan. (WSJ) They didn’t before, you may recall.

And By The Way: The Private Equity Council likes the public-to-private plan. (PEC)

Hedge Funds: No longer a “fashion item,” according to Mark Kary, the head of Polar Capital. (Dealzone)

Mary Meeker: The economy and internet trends, a presentation from a Morgan Stanley lifer who, Paul Kedrosky says “induces bipolar passions in people.” (Infectious Greed)

Watch Out: For nasty exploding term sheets. (Tech Crunch)

Also Watch Out: Fitness First launched a new guilt/shame-based marketing campaign-bus station benches that are scales. (Wait Watching)

Check It: Buyouts East is on Thursday and I’m interviewing Rodger Krouse, the Co-CEO of Sun Capital. Now taking suggestions for what to ask him. (Buyouts East)