peHUB Second Opinion 3.24

Give me a Break: Kindle users are staging an online attack against Michael Lewis’s new financial crisis book, giving it one-star reviews on merely because its not available on Kindle. Seriously people? The book’s merit is completely unrelated to the way it is delivered. Take it to White Whine. (Gawker)

Online Dating is Bigger than Porn? If you believe everything you read on the internet, then yes, it is. (Mashable)

Fake Trends: Details on two recent successful fundraisings bring hope to the entire market… (EFinancial news)

Strong Buy: This trader recommends Blackstone and Evercore stock based on negative stock spreads. (Seeking Alpha)

Listicles: Six things not to do when pitching VCs. (Dividends and Preferences)

Random: Suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark has bought a seat on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. (Bloomberg)

Enough with the NY/SF debate: If you ARE a venture capitalist or entrepreneur in New York, what’s the best ‘hood for your offices? (SAI)

Tonight: Wanna stalk some private equity honchos? New Yorkers might wanna swing by Barbone in the East Village, which is apparently hosting a party catering to that exact type tonight… (Twitter)