peHUB Second Opinion 3.3

Girlie Men! Schwartzenegger’s take on the economy? Naturally, he says, “Stop Whining!” (PCWorld)

Systemic Risk: “In the United States, A.I.G. has more than 375 million policies with a face value of $19 trillion. If policyholders lost faith in A.I.G. and rushed to cash in their policies all at once, the entire insurance industry could falter.” (Dealbook)

Sign O’ The Times: Canaccord Adams has cancelled its “Best Ideas Weekly Newsletter” due to a lack of good ideas. Or something to that effect. (Infectious Greed)

Lists: Ten ways to ruin an interview. And no, they aren’t “being late.” The first five are especially are solid advice. (Yahoo Hotjobs)

This Year, CEOs Said Goodbye To Bonuses: But not the CEOs of buyout-backed companies like TXU. (Dealbook)

Q&A: With a lobbyist on carried interest. (Deal Journal)

Woot: Parent company Thomson Reuters will debut its video news service in June. (Reuters)

Scare And Memorize: The world’s ugliest cat. (BBC)

Join Forces: Indiana’s bruised pension funds are merging. Wonder if we’ll see more of that to come as pension funds struggle to make ends meet and cut costs. (Chicago Tribune)