peHUB Second Opinion 3.30

Good News For MBAs: Wall Street is hiring again. (BusinessWeek)

All The Bankers in China: They’ve got one thing in common–they’re all from Goldman Sachs. (WSJ)

ILPA Powwow Update: It was “productive.” High profile super secret meetings usually are… (PE Manager)

Gossip: How did Kendrick Wilson III “Soothe” Steve Schwarzman’s “Bruised Feelings”? (Dealbreaker)

Felix Salmon: Why wine isn’t an investment. (Reuters)

Hysterical Headlines: “Watch Beijing Flood Private Equity With a Massive Wave of Cash.” (Business Insider)

Feuds: There is a significant gap between what happens in the realm of financial journalism and its offshoot punditry and what happens in actual portfolios. (Abnormal Returns)