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peHUB Second Opinion

Twitter’s stock has surged 75 percent this month, pushing the social media giant’s market cap to $38.1 billion.

LightSquared proposed a new plan to get out from under Chapter 11 protection with new equity and loans. The plan is supported by Fortress, Melody Capital Partners, JPMorgan Chase and Harbinger Capital Partners.

2013 was a failed year for tech, with a dearth of new innovation and a proliferation of financing engineering.

U.S. governmental agencies that keep approving new pesticides have been implicated in the mass death of honey bee populations.

High Times, the magazine that has covered marijuana for many years, plans to raise a $100 million private equity fund over two years.

A U.K. company is testing really cool looking glow in the dark sidewalks, which could be a way for municipalities to save money by turning off street lights … or at least that’s how the company is marketing the product.

Markets soared on the day after Christmas in what is being called the Santa Claus rally.

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.