peHUB Second Opinion

Jim Beam company sold for $13.6 billion to Suntory.

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg is taking over as Automatic’s CEO.

Google agrees that $3.2 billion is the right temperature and purchase price for Nest.

Roger Shuler, who writes the blog Legal Schnauzer, may be the only person jailed for journalism in the Western hemisphere.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is investigating N.J. Governor Chris Christie’s using $25 mln of Hurricane Sandy aid to make a commercial.

The Quit Your Job app will craft and text a message telling your boss why you are leaving.

Snapchat is apologizing for an increase in “Snap Spam.”

Sbarro has hired restructuring advisors Kirkland & Ellis and Moelis & Co.

Facebook has acquired Branch and Potluck for around $15 million.

Mobile use jumped 115% in 2013.

Groupon has bought ideeli, a flash fashion retailer, for $43 million.

Jack Bauer is coming back to 24.

And, for a smile, here’s some Cat Battle Armor available on Etsy for $500.

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