peHUB Second Opinion

Biz Stone’s Jelly closes a Series B with Greylock Partners.

Because of the drought in California, this rancher has to say good bye to his horses.

Survey of CFOs finds the execs believe that 20% of firms intentionally distort their earnings.

Starbucks fiscal first quarter profit of 71 cents a share beat estimates.

U.S. DOJ brings charges against the firm that vetted Edward Snowden.

Netflix is expected to announce it hit 33.1 mln subscribers in Q3.

Okay we get it. iPhone screens are getting bigger.

Microsoft reports Q2 earnings of 78 cents a share, revenue of $24.5 bln.

Qualcomm is buying all of HP’s remaining Palm-related patents. They’re also buying some iPAQ and Bitphone patents.

AOL agrees to buy Gravity for $83 mln.

Study finds that texting or reading emails while walking throws off your balance and could lead to injury.

Photo courtesy of Reuters/Robert Galbraith