peHUB Second Opinion

Dow to Vows: They have a lotta time on their hands at the Big Money, apparently. They’ve figured out that the NY Times Wedding sections is a “handy economic indicator.” Cute (The Big Money)

Smash-A-Madoff: You can buy a Smash-Me Bernie toy, featuring Madoff in a devil’s suit, for just $99.95 at (Dealscape)

So That’s Why: “The economic crisis prompts an outbreak of politeness in business.” According to the Economist, “Manners maketh the businessman.”

The Bank CEOs: Do indeed need a little lesson in PR. (Slate)

Joe Nocera: Has a few ideas to help Tim Geithner. (Executive Suite) The White House launched a web site to track the economic stimulus bill spending. Is it just a marketing play, as Deal Journal readers suggest?

TV Time: Wall Street Folly reminds us to tune into CNBC’s special, “A Scam Exposed: Strippers and Insider Trading” on Eugene Plotkin. (WSF)

EVCA: The top PE and VC pros in Europe plan to “combine the elements of the national, regional and international guidelines into a single pan-European code for the industry.” More on this, and the U.S.’s somewhat weak attempt to write their own guidelines, tomorrow. (FT)