peHUB Second Opinion 3.9

Secrets Not Safe at a Pizza Place: Wow, this Reuters blogger overheard some details of the Galleon case via a consultation with a priest at a pizza place. Shoulda stuck to the confessional. (Reuters)

Bro-ing Down: Alec and Tom Gores have joined forces to take on Miramax.

Done It Again: The Wall Street Journal broke a big BIG story today on alcohol. Heard of it? It leads to “colorful” behavior.  (Dealbreaker)

IPOs Are Back. AGAIN. (WSJ)

“Hot Girls:” Still love Wall Street. Here’s a list of who showed up at Fashion meets Finance last night. (Deal Journal)

M&A Scoops: California Pizza Kitchen is for sale. (WSJ)

Moulton in Action: Better Capital, Jon Moulton’s new PE firm, is buying Reader’s Digest. (FT)

Rumour Time: Latest target: Palm. Read all about it. (Reuters)