peHUB Second Opinion 4.23

The AP’s Twitter account was hacked today, and it caused a major pubic market freak-out.

Apple’s second quarter numbers trounce expectations.

An MF Global trustee is suing Jon Corzine over the firm’s collapse.

Is booze for programmers like spinach for Popeye? A new study suggest that *hiccup* it might be.

Hedge fund manager Marc Lasry was reportedly told he was President Obama’s choice as the next U.S. Ambassador to France. But he’s not going to Paris after all.

Google acquires natural language processing startup Wavii for “north of $30 million.” 

Andreessen Horowitz sinks $30 million into Shapeways, a maker of industrial-grade 3-D printers.

Big Data’s usability problem.

Bill Gates inadvertently infuriates all of Korea with one handshake.

An exclusive peek into the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange (video).

A non-profit group wants to send four people to Mars… forever.

Image: Photo of Mars care of Shutterstock.