peHUB Second Opinion 4.29

Alibaba pushes into social networking with its Weibo investment.

Foursquare reveals (to potential advertising clients) how it plans to make money.

Apparently, you’re 35 times more likely to click on an ad in your Facebook “news feed” than on one of Facebook’s banner ads.

Benchmark’s Bill Gurley: Uber is growing even faster than eBay did.

Barry Diller: Buying Newsweek was a mistake.

Billionaires flee their favorite tax havens, as more governments actively pursue their offshore trillions.

Companies that send employees overseas to get a grip on global operations may be wasting their money.

Pension loans drive retirees into more debt.

Twenty thousand insane people have already applied to die on Mars.

Overcrowding on Mount Everest leads to a brawl at 24,000 feet.

Photo: A man holds an iPhone as he visits Sina’s Weibo microblogging site in Shanghai May 29, 2012. Credit: Reuters/Carlos Barria