peHUB Second Opinion

Fred Wilson wants everyone to give to Scratch Jr.’s kickstarter.

Twitter shelves a project that would make it more difficult for the government to intercept users’ private messages without a court order.

Study finds that good-looking male entrepreneurs have the best chance of getting venture funding.

The first new Star Wars movie in a decade will start filming in the U.K. in May

More people work for Alibaba than Yahoo and Facebook combined.

Several states are joining the D.O.J. in a probe to determine if Comcast’s merger with Time Warner is legal under U.S. antitrust law.

The most dangerous, addictive drug is coming back. Yeah, you read that right, Flappy Bird is returning.

Apax stands to make a 10,000% gain on its investment in Candy Crush.

The banker behind @GSElevator has scored another book deal.

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