peHUB Second Opinion 4.22

Good News! Hiring for private equity is on the rise! (FINS)

Did You Hear? Obama came to Wall Street today. Lloyd Blankfein was there. Wall Street’s response to his call for financial reform was some variation of Step Off. Oh, and for some reason the NYPD took this as an excuse to steal a ton of bicycles because they might have pipe bombs in them? (But the bike racks, barracades, stop signs, cars, basically everything else, is all fine.) Ridiculous.

Michael Lewis: The bond market will never be the same after Goldman. (BusinessWeek)

Not Helping Guys: The recession is over so conspicuous consumption is apparently ok again? Financial news thinks so with two pieces called “How to Spend Your Bonus.” This one’s on Diamonds. This one’s on Vintage cars.

That Spam Isn’t From a Robot: Indeed, human-generated spam is on the rise. (Read Write Web)

John Carney: Were the Germans The Real Victims in Paulson’s housing short? (The Daily Beast)