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peHUB Second Opinion 4.23

FYI: All has been quiet on the PE secondary front for a few weeks until today, with news of SecondMarket (literally a secondary market not unlike NYPPEX). It’s perfect timing, as our coverage will be back in full force tomorrow: I’ll be at the Private Equity Secondaries conference. Maybe I’ll hear evidence that that market is actually alive again, post-year-end-results.

Chooch Producer Stands By Quality Of Movie: Deal Journal interviews Tami Powers, one of the producers of the most unlikely star of this kickback scandal. We also learn the movie went straight to DVD, she never met Rattner, and she “really liked” the movie. (Deal Journal)

Scary Stuff: Thanks to Epicurean Dealmaker and Clusterstock, we have a better understanding of the problems with banks repaying TARP money early. In fact, we have a better idea of how this screws taxpayers. (Epicurean Dealmaker)

Infrastructure Madness: “As deplorable as our bridges may be, they’re better than they were a generation ago.” (Slate)

Via Abnormal Returns: Inside Lenny Dykstra’s ‘Bed Of Nails” (ESPN)

Blog It Out: Financial Blogs are growing in influence. Here are some of the most well-known ones. (Irish Times via Abnormal Returns)

Try Again: European Hedge funds and PE firms are not happy with the EU’s draft of regulations for their industry. (Reuters)

Meanwhile: In the U.S., wealthy investors in private equity are regretting that whole ten-year lockup thing. (WSJ)< ><–>