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peHUB Second Opinion 4.29

PPIP Not A Total Bust: More than 100 participants applied to get a piece of PPIP today. (Dealscape)

Speaking of Twitter: Today we learned the site has a low 30% retention rate. (Reuters)

Fred Wilson Crunches Numbers: The Venture Capital Math Problem (A VC)

Adding to the Conversation: Mark Reibolt criticizes a Forbes piece, saying, “The venture capital landscape is evolving quickly, so the same old methods and mindsets don’t apply.” (Mark-To-Market)

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies? Outspoken Terra Firma head Guy Hands sees many more buyout firms going bust. (Bloomberg)

Bigger Than Swine Flu: On off-topic news, the number one story on is about a woman who hired a stripper to attend her high school reunion in her place. Priorities people! (

Dividends Kill Companies: This story is over a week old but I just ran across it. Moody’s is investigating whether dividend recaps lead a company into bankruptcy. Its clawback time! (The Deal)

Great PR: A buyout fund has won control of certain Madoff assets. (Financial News)

Milken Conference: Thomas H Lee says he’s interested in distressed lenders and healthy banks. (Bloomberg)

REIT Shower: There’s a big windfall of REITs scheduled to mature very soon. (dealReporter)