peHUB Second Opinion

Tim Geither and John Stewart agree on very little. 

So many problems with Apple’s iMessage especially when you switch from the iPhone to something else.

Smartphones now account for 87 percent of U.S. handsets.

Samsung is making a VR handset for its phones and tablets.

In Mumbia, a pizza was air-delivered by drone last week.

Here’s Eric Snowden taking a selfie with friends somewhere in Russia.

Nest is recalling 400,000 smoke alarms b/c of a glitch that silences them.

Did Dick Parsons, the new Clippers CEO, actually play basketball at the University of Hawaii.

Today in history: Opening battle of England’s War of the Roses started.

Photo of the Battle of Tewkesbury, fought during the Wars of the Roses, courtesy of Shutterstock