peHUB Second Opinion 4.7

Rumourtown: Business Insider is reporting that Yahoo wants to buy Foursquare for $100 million. Somehow I’m skeptical. And here’s one blog post that agrees with my skepticism.

Private Equity’s Merger Vanguard: Funds of Funds are bulking up. (WSJ)

Everybody Panic! There was a zany power outage today during Alan Greenspan’s testimony. “Several gasps were heard.” Sounds like a scene from a cheesy murder mystery. (Dealbook)

MBAs with a Social Conscience: More business school applicants say they want jobs in sustainability and social enterprise. The implications are potentially huge. (BusinessWeek)

Dimon:Schwarzenegger::Blankfein:DeVito What really gets Jamie Dimon’s goat? Being lumped in with Lloyd Blankfein. (Dealbreaker)

Speaking of Lloyd: Goldman Sachs’ shareholder letter is meant to silence its critics. (Reuters)

Listicle: Ten Red Flags for Innovation. (BusinessWeek)

Will Skype Be Acquired? That would be a really quick flip. Amazing that this report doesn’t even mention the fact that Skype is owned by a group of private equity firms. (Barrons)

Forever Bullish: A new report form Ernst & Young shows continued bullishness on private equity. (FT)

Just for Fun: This 1964 tape of LBJ ordering pants is the most ridiculous, appalling and amazing thing I’ve seen all week. In it, the President orders several pairs of pants “the color of powder on a lady’s face” that aren’t too tight around your “nuts” and “bunghole.” (Whitehouse Tapes)