peHUB Second Opinion 4.8

Econoblogging: Which media companies will find their revenue streams threatened by the shift in the financial media landscape? (Naked Capital)

Anti-Wall Street Film: Independent filmmaker Danny Schecter would like to remind Wall Street that the disdain for bankers “is not coming from a bunch of lefties in some basement in the East Village. It is coming from mainstream America.” (Deal Journal)

Debunk: The myth of the beautiful investment banker. (eFinancial News)

Dire Warning: Guy Hands, chairman of Terra Firma, says Britain faces a decade of pain, social unrest and unemployment (Guardian)

Are You Paying Taxes? You’re in the minority. The recession and new tax credits have nearly half of US households paying no federal income tax. (AP)

Beating Back the Vultures: A new law passed on Thursday will limit the ability of so-called vulture funds to sue some of the world’s poorest countries in British courts for full repayment of debts. (Reuters)

Debt spirals and the situation with sovereign debt.  (FT Alphaville via Abnormal Returns)

Op-Ed: Private Equity returns don’t justify the fees. (Bad Credit Loan Center)

The Decline of Bebo: Once among the world’s most popular and fastest-growing social networks, Bebo atrophied under AOL’s ownership and could be sold or closed within months

Inflation? Fundraising and placement agents cost more today. (PE Manager, subscription only)

No Surprise Here: HCA is planning an IPO. (Reuters)