peHUB Second Opinion

Google goes silent on defending free and open Internet.

Apple’s secret eBay store has returned where you can find “Apple Certified” iPhone 5 devices.

The top 50 most influential cats on the Internet. Seriously, you really needed to know this.

Nearly two-thirds, or 70 percent, of the U.S. population is using smartphones.

Uber agrees to a national policy capping surge pricing during emergencies.

The potato salad Kickstarter surpasses $40,000

Crumbs Bake Shop shuts down and we are sad.

Man finds dead rodent in his wrap at Chop’t in downtown Manhattan.

Bernie Madoff’s only surviving son may still face prosecution

Summer interns at Facebook can make $6,000 a month.

So sorry Brazil. Germany in World Cup semifinal leads 5-0 at halftime.

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