peHUB Second Opinion

Buyout shops can’t even agree on how to resolve the collusion case.

A Cerberus accountant is suing Scott Berlinger, former TV star of “American Gladiators,” for allegedly hitting her with his bike two years ago. 

IBM claims its brainlike “TrueNorth” microchip can carry out several billion calculations per second in parallel.

What it’s like raising money as a woman in Silicon Valley.

Intuit is buying Paysuite.

Half of the world’s population lives in six countries.

Good luck, Hawaii.

Book buyers in Manhattan, L.A. and San Francisco will be able to order a book from Barnes & Noble and Google Shopping Express will deliver it the same day.

Zinga’s Q2 revenue misses expectations and lowers full year guidance.

Netflix passed HBO in subscriber revenue but are still behind them in profits.

And, why HBO and Netflix are so obsessed with each other. 

VCs don’t want you to call L.A. “Silicon Beach.” reports a wider loss than expected, sending shares tumbling below its IPO price.

Photo of Hawaii courtesy of Shutterstock