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peHUB Second Opinion 5.14

Dispatch: Some private equity discussions from ACG in Las Vegas. (Dealscape)

Loan To Own: The story of KKR’s Masonite. (FT)

Cramer Versus Stewart: The battle may not be over. (Wall Street Folly)

The Bidding War Continues: Well Vista has sweetened its offer yet again for SumTotal. (RTT) See more background on the deal here.

Sounds Familiar: VCs ignore business plans. (Dealbook) A month ago Joanna wrote something similar.

The Rich Get Richer: “The rush to repay government bailout loans is fattening up what’s left of Wall Street.” (Fortune)

Carlyle Associates Are Fashionable: I was alerted to this old (but good) gem of a Look Book entry of a Carlyle Associate by Dealbreaker. (NY Mag)

Debt To Equity: “Underwriters are rejoicing these days amid a near-record number of stock issuances by already established companies.” (Dealbook)

Buying on the Dips: What sorts of deals are still being done in today’s difficult climate? (Economist) Also, Could the market rebound ease the way for M&A? (Reuters)

The Mystery of FAS 157: The Known Unknowns and Unknown Unknowns of PE Valuations (Private Equity Analyst)