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peHUB Second Opinion

Twelve facts about depression and suicide in the U.S.

How to break into the white, male PE club.

A study of venture outcomes reveals that nearly 65% of financings fail to return 1x capital.

Sony has sold 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide.

The new danger to smoking e-cigarettes? They might explode.

MSFT’s Steve Ballmer’s buy of the L.A. Clippers has closed.

The surefire way to break into VC? Source as many deals as possible, says Alex Taub.

Marc Andreessen explains why the IPO is dying.

Apple releases its diversity stats: 11% Latino, 7% Black and 30% female

Yahoo acquires Zofari, a “Pandora for faces” app.

The Perseid meteor shower should be at its brightest later tonight.

Manchester United has banned fans from bringing large electronic items, like iPads, to home games.

Lucky magazine is merging with BeachMint, an online retailer.

Social networks, like Twitter, can aggravate or induce psychotic symptoms in some people, study finds.

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