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peHUB Second Opinion 5.18

Flagrantly Thumbing His Nose: Steve Rattner’s “lavish, $15 million summer home in the Lambert’s Cove area of West Tisbury on Martha’s Vineyard” is causing a furor with his neighbors, apparently. (New York Post)

Mixed Metaphors: Peter Lattman agrees with me that private equity firms use way too many metaphors. Or maybe they just spend too much time talking about themselves. (Deal Journal)

Annex Angst: LPs don’t like annex funds. Understandably so. (The Deal)

WSJ Weekend Headlines: Silicon Valley is Girding for a new Antitrust Regime and A Private Equity Bid for BankUnited is key for the future of buyouts in banking.

More Hedge Fund Fraud: Ruderman Capital Partners. (Dealbook)

Why Isn’t There a Hedge Fund Bailout? That’s a hard question to argue against, but the answer-the difference between “systemic risk” and otherwise, is worth exploring. (Atlantic)

Like A Phoenix: Is Ezra Dabah, an ousted retail CEO, really seeking another attempt at a quasi-MBO with Children’s Place? (Dealscape)

Advice: Brad Feld has a nice post on how to prepare for a first meeting with him. Reminds me a bit of that satirical motivational poster titled, “Meetings: None of us is dumber than all of us.” (Feld Thoughts)

TALF Not Mark-To-Market: And that makes private equity investors call it “shockingly good.” (CNN)