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peHUB Second Opinion

Apple’s diversity numbers may be lame but they’re better than the rest of Silicon Valley.

Study finds that running more than 4 miles a day could be bad for you.

Animal rights protests and negative publicity cause Seaworld’s shares to tank

And the most peaceful country in the world is…not the U.S.

Cisco posts a smaller-than-expected 0.5 percent dip in quarterly revenue. 

Art publisher Phaidon Press, which is owned by Leon Black, is in talks to buy

James Quarles, Facebook’s Regional Director, was named Instagram’s new Global Head of Business and Brand Development.

Amazon has invested in Acquia, a cloud services company. And, Amazon unveils $10 credit-card reader and mobile app for businesses

A restaurant in Australia demands that customers stop sharing meals and drinking tap water.

NewLink Genetics says the first human safety trial of an Ebola vaccine could begin his summer.

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