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peHUB Second Opinion

How Kickstarter turned into VC’s best friend. But what about the potato salad project?

Finally! Women are better than men at raising money with Kickstarter.

Uber drivers are still in operation in Berlin, despite being banned. 

Electrolux and Quirky are in separate talks to buy GE’s home appliance business.

Apple is planning a more expensive iPhone that has a sapphire screen.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt gives a great explanation about why he’s a feminist.

Twitter plans to improve its policies after internet trolls force Robin Williams daughter off of Twitter and Instagram.

Humin, the app that wants to replace your iPhone contacts app, is in the App store

Robin Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease.

Cisco is slashing 6,000 jobs that will result in $700 mln in restructuring charges. 

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