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Google receives millions of URL takedown requests everyday.

Here, here. A virtual-reality version of Netflix would make browsing much easier.

Well isn’t this ironic? Some of those lawmakers who took the ALS ice bucket challenge voted for legislation that defunded ALS.

Why Wrigley Field is suddenly so empty.

Lack of mentoring by male colleagues causes women VCs to underperform, Harvard academics find.

American doc who got Ebola has survived and has been discharged from the hospital.

EBay is considering spinning off PayPal.

Spammers have taken over Apple’s iMessage.

Dropbox’s high-profile head designer Soleio is leaving his job

Google has made Chrome available in Cuba for the few who have access to the Internet.

WalMart has slashed the price of the iPhone 5S to $79 while the 5C is just 97 cents.

Photo courtesy of Reuters/USA Today Sports