peHUB Second Opinion

Can we talk? Goodbye Joan Rivers. You will be missed.

Megan Smith, formerly Google’s VP of New Business Development, is now the U.S. Chief Technology Officer. 

Intellectual Ventures, Silicon Valley’s most hated patent troll, is now making things.

BP could be fined another $18 billion for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill four years ago.

The iPhone 6 will come in two different models and one will have a 5.5-inch display.

Getty Images sues Microsoft alleging “massive infringement” because of a new MSFT photo tool that allows website publishers to embed digital photos on their site.

Because of a fight with Twitter, Twitpic is shutting down Sept. 25. 

Amazon and the U.S. Postal Service are partnering to deliver groceries in San Francisco.

Now we have Mariachi Barbie.

Photo courtesy of Reuters/Molly Riley