peHUB Second Opinion

Alibaba could raise $21.1 bln in its IPO. It will be one of the biggest IPOs on record.

Nine tips to win investors, including the art of subtly, in those 5 minutes when you have their attention.

Retired NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal applied to be a reserve officer for the Doral Police Department in South Florida.  

Dave & Buster’s is filing to go public, again.

Fancy is in talks to sell itself for about $1 billion. 

Today’s cute animal is Olivia the Dwarf Hippo. 

Dish’s Charlie Ergen recently contacted Deutsche Telekom to say he’s interested in a future buy of T-Mobile USA.

Yeah! Starbucks is launching smaller, express-style stores to speed up service.

Photo is NOT of Olivia the dwarf hippo but of Aliban, another baby dwarf hippo. Courtesy of Reuters