peHUB Second Opinion

Twitter taps the debt markets for the first time and could raise $1.5 bln for acquisitions and expansion.

Fooled you! Carl Icahn didn’t increase his stake in Gannett after all.

The top 5 blogs for venture capital according to Hunter Walk.

Google has bought Lift Labs, which makes high-tech spoons that help people suffering from neurodegenerative tremors to eat.

Today’s happy news: The Ozone layer is recovering.

The battery life for Apple’s Watch is “about a day now.”

T-Mobile will start providing a customized Wi-Fi router to subscribers that prioritizes voice calls over other packets.

You now have two hours to get a refund for apps and games on the Google Play support site.

Uh oh. A law enforcement official says he sent the Ray-Rice-punching-his-fiance video to an NFL executive five months ago.

How to trade in your old iPhone for the iPhone 6.

Photo courtesy of USA Today Sports