peHUB Second Opinion

Moody’s is reviewing NYC’s Metropolitan Opera Association for a possible downgrade.

Business is the most popular major in college but leads to the least fulfilling jobs, poll finds.

Wet Seal is losing its CFO.

Schwab drops Pimco’s Total Return Fund from its target date funds.

Yahoo! is showing a  “Walking Dead” discount since the Alibaba IPO.

JPMorgan denies that its computer system was hacked for a second time.

Free Nemo. United Airlines under scrutiny for continuing to transport whales and dolphins for the marine mammal display industry.

Apple has picked communications veteran Steve Dowling to replace Katie Cotton, its former VP of worldwide corporate communications.

Is Uber liable for the driver who bashed a passenger in the head with a hammer?

Long neglected Twitter for Mac has finally been updated to allow multi-photo viewing and DM photos.

America’s highest paid developers live in what state?

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