peHUB Second Opinion

Mark Zuckerberg does his first public Q&A in Mandarin. Wow.

Social Security checks will increase by $22 each month.

Why your iPhone photos are sometimes upside down.

Johnson & Johnson say 250,000 doses of an experimental Ebola vaccine ready for clinical trials in May. 

The FCC pauses the informal “shot clock” deadline on its review of deals AT&T + DirecTV and of Comcast + Time Warner Cable.

Yelp shares drop 16% after forecasting Q4 sales that are below expectations.

Google’s new Gmail app, called “inbox,” tries to give you more info so you don’t have to open each email.

Roku has raised another $25 mln round of funding.

The CDC will monitor anyone who comes the U.S. from Ebola-stricken West African nations for 21 days.

Paris Hilton is a DJ now, a very well paid DJ.

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