peHUB Second Opinion

We should be able to criticize entrepreneurs and not just pat them on the head, says Charlie O’Donnell.

Caretakers struggle to save mountain gorillas in the Congo. The article is okay but the video is awesome.

Tom Fallows, head of the Google Express same-day delivery service, is heading to Uber. 

Hydro66, a data centre provider backed by Black Green Capital, is building a facility 70 miles from the Arctic circle in Boden.

Uber is in early talks with investors about raising at least $1bn in new equity.

Cigars may be as bad for your health as cigarettes, especially for experienced smokers who inhale deeply, the FDA finds.

AT&T is buying Iusacell for $2.5 bln.

President Obama is expected to name Loretta Lynch, Brooklyn’s chief prosecutor, as its new Attorney General.

Facebook is launching a News Feed Setting tool that lets you unfollow your most annoying “friends” without unfriending.

Nearly 50% of jobs today will not exist in 2025, a report says.

Hackers stole about 53 million email addresses from Home Depot as well as customer data for 56 million payment cards.

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan has bought a stake in BlackBerry.

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