peHUB Second Opinion

Bloomberg View’s Mark Buchanana wonders if innovation that has helped drive human prosperity for centuries is finally be petering out.

This was not an SNL skit. Mom yells at two pundit sons on C-SPAN to stop arguing before they come home for xmas.

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins defends his protest T-shirt quite reasonably.

Ruble fluctuations cause Apple to stop online sales of its products in Russia.

A teenager lied to New York Magazine when he said he had made $72 mln trading stock.

Cory Ondrejka, who has been overseeing the Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift and its integration, is leaving. 

Samsung is looking to develop an Apple Pay rival

Neal Stephenson, the science fiction author, is now the “Chief Futurist” of Magic Leap.

Sony hackers are threatening a 9/11-like attack on movie theaters that screen “The Interview.”

American Apparel has fired former CEO Dov Charney again.

Photo courtesy of Reuters/Jonathan Alcorn