peHUB Second Opinion

Big Change: The FCC moves to allow any company that streams numerous TV channels online to be designated MVPD.

President Obama thinks Sony’s decision to cancel The Interview because of North Korean hacker threats was wrong.

The FBI now concludes that North Korea was responsible for the Sony Pictures hack.

And China may have helped North Korea carry out the hack attack on Sony Pictures.

More than 2,000 people have signed up to attend, “Suck It Kim Jong un” screenings of The Interview in Toronto and Montreal

Oh No! Facebook’s popularity among teens falls again.

Instragram is now worth $35 billion, Citigroup says.

BlackBerry reports a bigger-than-expected drop in Q3 revenue.

British Medical Journal finds that half of Dr. Oz’s medical advise is baseless or just wrong.

Photo courtesy of Reuters/KCNA