peHub Second Opinion

***Publicis Groupe bought Kekst & Company. In true PR fashion, no financial details were revealed in the press release (here) but it looks like Publicis views the firm as a crown jewel. “There simply is no other financial communications firm in the world like Kekst and Company,” Publicis CEO Maurice Levy said the release. Its true, there isn’t. Seems like you can’t write 3 M&A stories without hearing from a Kekst rep on one of ‘em. (Currently the firm is advising on the deal of the summer, Anheuser versus InBev.)

***Is anyone else compulsively checking money and finance Web sites as a result of the recession? Or is Infectious Greed and Hitwise’s conclusion an uncorrelated concidence? Any other hypothesis to explain that increase? And further, with the amount of layoffs, wouldn’t that number be lower?

***FT Alphaville calls it an official Bear Market.

***Conspiracy Theories about Syms, the alleged retailer-turned-covert-real estate business, reaffirms my lack of faith in the majority of public companies.

***Reuters has a nice roundup of the accounting battle we’re about to ensue.