peHUB Second Opinion

In 2015, expect the gulf between the very top VC firms and the rest of the industry to widen even more, says Danny Crichton.

New York City is considering letting drivers use Bitcoin, Apple Pay and PayPal to pay for parking tickets.

Disgusting, delicious food, such as a whole tub of Duncan Hines frosting, to help deal with a hangover.

Neil Gaiman’s New Year’s wishes.

Blackstone and TPG are opening up about hidden fees.

The best dog shaming moments of 2014.

The hackers who attacked Sony Pictures are threatening a U.S. news organization.

Apple has been sued for allegedly not informing users how much storage its new operating system eats up and then prodding them to buy more space through its iCloud service.

Study finds that among online workers email and the Internet are the most important communications and information tools.

Guess which burger chain has its sights set on Cuba? And it’s not McDonalds or BK.

Facebook users suggest 2015 resolutions for Mark Zuckerberg.

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