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peHUB Second Opinion 6.2

Advice to New MBAs: Mean Street says “Hang in there, baby.” (Deal Journal)

Web 3.0? As Internet evolves, profit is still the missing factor. (Reuters)

Great Quotes: From Kara Swisher’s overview of the All Things Digital conference on the idea of Web 3.0: “Because whatever name you want to slap onto what’s happening, the pace of change does not wait to be defined.” (WSJ)

You Love Acronyms: Here is a guide to TARP-y acronyms, including the RAT Board, SNAP, and LUST Recovery. (WSJ)

Wow: How one car dealership ran up $40 billion in debts. (Reuters)

Mystical: There is a Bahrain-based private equity group called Unicorn Global. I applaud any sort of imagination in the naming of private equity firms (as most of you stick to Latin words, Astrological signs, hotels, or suburban neighborhoods). However, I really wish there was an explanation for unicorns on the firm’s site.

The Prequel to the Sequel: Minyanville has its own version of what the upcoming sequel to Wall Street should be. (Minyanville) Update: Link Fixed, thanks Sam S.

Get Ready: After the green shoots comes the great corporate deleveraging. (BW)