peHUB Second Opinion 7.31

How Vice hacked Google Glass to tell crisis stories.

Larry Ellison’s new Malibu restaurant Nikita — named after Ellison’s “current” girlfriend –is booking tables weeks in advance.

Uber investor Peter Thiel personally leads the $20 million Series C financing of L.A-based credit underwriting startup ZestFinance.

Wi-Fi camera company DropCam grabs $30 million from a heavy-hitting lineup of investors.

Venrock promotes its general counsel, David Stepp, to the role of partner.

The hidden credit report that shuts people out of the banking system.

Examining the power of the Federal Reserve — and that of its general counsel, Scott Alvarez.

How to win the respect of your employees when they are older than you (and maybe even trained you).

The Stephen King clan — it’s now a dynasty of storytellers.

Twenty-five people who are doing it wrong.

Photo of Peter Thiel courtesy of Founders Fund.