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peHUB Second Opinion 7.10

Silicon Valley‘s Beleaguered Moneymen: Forbes jumps on the “a few strong IPOs means we’re moving past the downturn” wagon. (Forbes)

Snap: Dealbreaker notes that the SEUI is getting sassy about the AIG bonuses. (DB)

The brightest and the rest: In venture capital, “Too much money has been chasing too few great start-ups” (Economist)

Capitalism: A Love Story. That’s the name of Michael Moore’s new movie. (BW)

Measure That Market: A surefire way to get private equity pros to start talking nonsense. (Private Equiteer)

Painful Explanation of the Obvious: What’s the matter with economic journalism? (Atlantic)

He Won’t Appeal: On the “symbolism” of a 150-year prison sentence. (The Daily Beast)

What the Bloggers Are Saying: Are asset allocation models broken? (Abnormal Returns)

Topping last quarter: Bankruptcy-related M&A is at a five year high. If that sounds familiar, that’s because last quarter broke the record as well. (Dealzone)

Just like in California: The University of Virginia may double investments in private-equity, real estate and commodities as U.S. colleges are squeezed by commitments to fund managers made before financial markets collapsed. (Bloomberg)