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peHUB Second Opinion 7.16

In Line With Our Question: As to why private equity pros don’t blog, MatthewCG asks if private equity “gets” social media? (Not too proud)

Trite Money: Breaking down clichés in the world of business. “Animal husbandry enjoyed a brief popularity in M&A work when “milking cows,” “geese with golden eggs,” and “stuffed turkeys” peppered financial articles and bankers’ conversations.” (Business World)

Newsflash: Goldman Sachs is in talks to acquire the Treasury Department. (Borowitz Report)

Want an Autobiographical History of CIT? Here’s the company’s “CIT Story.” They’ll have to write a new chapter after this week…. (CIT)

Bye Bye Banking: Private equity firms hoping that investments in banks would be the next big thing are discovering that their opportunity has practically vanished as a result of an unexpected stock market rally, proposed new rules that would make such deals less profitable and sober economic fundamentals. (FT)

New Faces: Banks are totally revamping their restructuring practices (as they do in every downturn). (NY Times)

How Does CNBC Make Its Money? The CNBC business model. (Zero hedge)