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peHUB Second Opinion 7.22

All Equity: In one of the largest deals of the year, Apax plans to take Bankrate private with all equity for $571 million.  (Bloomberg)

Poor Harman: Their rumoured takeover offer turned out to be fiction, which is even worse than the real offer that fell through back in ‘07. Beware unknown Mideast investors bearing big LBO premiums. (Deal Journal)

Which College’s Graduates Make the Most Money? Hint: It’s not Harvard, Stanford, or MIT (Atlantic Monthly)

Conference Call Hijinks: Do these things need security? A man posing as a Piper Jaffray analyst infiltrated Western Union’s conference call and cursed at the CEO. (Bloomberg)

Sad Day For Deloitte: Heely’s (that company that makes those shoes with the wheels in them) has dumped the accounting firm for Grant Thornton. (WFAA)

Social Marketing Conundrum: I can show you how to use a social platform… (Direct Marketing Observations)

Colossal Failure of Common Sense: Deal Journal reviews the new behind-the-scenes book about the collapse of Lehman Brothers. (DJ)

Mixed Blessings: Law firms placing “deferred” offers to recent law school grads are presenting some difficult decisions…(The Deal)

Of Course: The CIT saviors are making out like bandits, according to The Deal. (Dealscape)