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peHUB Second Opinion 7.24

Can’t Get Enough CIT Drama? Here’s a full recap of the deathwatch. (Clusterstock)

Alan Blinder: The U.S. economy appears to be hitting bottom. And that’s both good and bad. (NY Times)

Proof That Twitter Is A Bunch of Crap? According to the The Poop Index, there are more people talking about pooping on Twitter than world peace, world hunger, or nuclear proliferation.  (Gizmodo)

Wow: Years after beginning a sale process (we’re talking pre-recession people), fashion company Tory Burch sells a stake… to a Mexican firm I’ve never heard of. (Press release)

Poor, Poor Rich People: “As if market forces and malevolent actors weren’t enough, the rich are now finding themselves targeted by politicians.” (Moneybox)

Spoofs:, as told to Zero Hedge. (ZH)

Carl Icahn a Quitter? The man hasn’t exactly been blogging much since he entered the medium to much fanfare. (Cityfile)

How Long Could You Last Without You Blackberry? Dennis Kneale apparently went 40 hours before the tears started… See below via Dealbreaker: