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peHUB Second Opinion 7.6

Say Goodbye to 2%: That 20% is probably due to change soon too. (Bloomberg)

Up a Down Staircase: A Deal feature looking at the Private Equity Deals of the Year. Basically it’s a ranking of the most significant deals (which, to me, seem inextricably linked to either the biggest, most profitable, or least  profitable, but the Deal professes they are not.) The headline says it all: Up a down staircase. Is that a reference to these poor ducks? (The Deal)

But! Closing Bell Is Tolling for SPACs: Deadlines on shell companies loom large. (WSJ)

Sell! Time to lighten up on junk bonds. (Aleph Blog)

XOXO: A US Official gives a nice big kiss to China, saying its anti-trust rulings were not out of line. (Reuters)

Miss Something? Lots of bad news gets announced over holiday weekends. This weekend was no different: seven more banks failed. (Bloomberg)

Bank-Hungry: Wilbur Ross Will Buy a Bank If It Kills Us All, Dammit. (CNN)